This is It!

I am very excited that this is the end of the slice but am going to miss seeing everyone’s posts. I have enjoyed reading about so many people from all over the world! I did struggle to find material to write about for thirty one days especially since we are cooped up and not at school. Who would have thought though that something so crazy would have happened during the middle of this writing challenge.

I know I will look back at the blog and be reminded of the craziness. What we are experiencing is living history. All of my own kids and all of my students are witnessing history in the making and it is something that none of us will ever forget.

I am thankful for this opportunity to write for the Slice of Life challenge. I have learned so much and look forward to next year and hopefully we will be in different circumstances.

Mother/Daughter Time

I don’t get to spend that much time with my 18 year old daughter. One good thing that has come from this virus is that A has been around a lot. She spends a lot of time sleeping and watching Netflix but she does come around some. Today she decided that she needed to curl my hair. I spent an hour in her room, yes you heard it, in her room, while she curled my hair. She babbled on and on about her classes at the community college and how they are going to work remotely, how she is still getting paid from her job, and that she has a guy she has been seeing for a few weeks. Wait… what????

A went on to let me know she met him at work and he took her on a date before all the crazy began. She has been talking to him everyday and hopes to see him soon. He goes to Lewis University and is majoring in well… she doesn’t know, lol. I was pretty surprised by all of this new information but kept my cool. Be cool……be cool…… kept running through my head. When I asked her why she didn’t tell me she said, “I am scared.” I asked, “Why?” She said, ” I have never had a guy just like me.” My poor baby… I took a deep breath and said, ” When you find someone Abby that likes you and you like him then all the worries go away. Don’t worry, you have a lot of time to figure this out.” Then I had to add, ” Besides, if he doesn’t end up liking you, then he can go suck it.” We both got a good laugh out of that. It was really nice to just have a conversation with A instead of nagging.

These are the moments I will look back on fondly after all of this virus stuff is over.

Temperature Wars

My husband and I always fight over the thermostat temperature. He likes to have the heat at 63 degrees during the day, 67 during the early evening, and 64 at night. While I appreciate him trying to save us money, I mean come on! His advice is to always put more clothes on if anyone in the house complains. I constantly walk around with cold fingers and a cold nose. I bundle up in more clothes and drape blankets on me when watching television.

At times, though it feels nice to actually thaw out. I prefer the heat to be at about 68-70. When I go to friends houses, I generally feel good in the beginning but then start sweating. I guess I am acclimated to lower temperatures, lol. I have resigned myself to living in a house with lower temperatures but will on occasion complain and when I complain my husband will usually respond with, “I never told you that you couldn’t turn the heat up!” Ugh….. I think the temperature wars will continue.

Cookie Dough

Is it me or is everyone else eating more than usual? I am craving sweets specifically cookies and cookie dough. Before all of this happened, I found refrigerated cookie dough that you can eat. Yumm… I forgot all about it. Today, my husband and I took a three mile walk and I continued to organize the house which feels great.

After dinner, I looked in the fridge and saw the edible cookie dough staring me right in the face. I have probably opened the fridge a couple hundred times and did not notice it sitting there, but today it was the first thing I saw. I grabbed it, chocolate chip, and sat down in my recliner to partake. Watching Derry Girls, a guilty pleasure, and nibbling on the cookie dough.

Can’t think of a better way to end a day. Yummm…..

A Satisfactory Day

Today was a satisfactory day. There are some days that I feel more accomplished and today is one of those days! I finished my lessons and meetings for the day and was feeling a little more energized so my husband and I took a three mile walk. We even walked through the Mc Donald’s drive thru. You heard that right, walked. We ordered Diet Cokes and yes, we were careful.

After we got back, I decided to start organizing and cleaning the house since it has been under construction. I spent three hours cleaning up dust and muck off of every surface downstairs. Then, I went upstairs and started to organize all of our kitchen stuff. I was a busy girl today and I am actually excited for spring break this coming week even if we are staying put. I guess I am starting to accept the new normal.

It was a satisfactory day.

The Pants Challenge

So, today I decided to try on my pants. I have not been in pants since we have been sequestered at home. I have worn sweat, yoga, and pajama pants. Everything elastic. I remember my mom always told me after I had babies not to wear elastic pants for too long. She was right. After I had my babies, I would change into pants even if they were larger than I liked and I would work to get back to a comfortable size.

Well, today, I tried on my pants and they did not fit. What? You heard it. The pants did not fit. So….. starting tomorrow I will be putting pants back on and keeping my calories in check. It has been hard because of course we have never experienced anything like this before. Now I know, it is pants time again.

Missing Family

One of the things I miss most through all of this is seeing all of my family. More specifically my dad and my husband’s parents. We see them a lot so the social distancing thing is really trying. They are all in their mid-seventies so they are tucked away in their homes and are getting groceries delivered. They are doing everything right but I miss them. We talk on the phone every other day but it is not the same.

Since I lost my mom a little over a year ago, it is very important for me to see my family regularly. I know that this phase will pass, too but I miss them greatly. I know it is the right thing to do for their health and safety but it is really hard.

Kitty Takeover

I have three cats as most people know who have read any of my posts. When teaching, the cats spend their days sleeping and bugging each other. Now that everyone is home, the cats are all over us! I don’t think I have ever taken this many pictures of my cats before.

The day before yesterday, I decided to take all of my kitty photos and start an Instragram account for one of them. I mean, why not, right?? I am actually amazed at the thousands of millions of cat accounts there are out there. That being said, there have to billions of dog accounts. I would have never, ever, ever started an Instagram account of one of my cats had we not had this time. Now, I can share my pictures and I can always look back at them when I want to smile. My youngest son took up an interest and he picked cat number two to make an account for him. It has been a nice little project to distract from all the crazy of the world today.

I guess I am really starting to go a little crazy but at least I am having fun doing it at the same time, lol!

McDonald’s Iced Tea

I have an addiction and I am not ashamed to share. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love iced tea. Despite being born in Tennessee, I like unsweetened iced tea. I picked this up from my mom who came from upstate New York. Growing up, that is what my mom drank and I would always sneak a sip here and there. That started my love for unsweetened iced tea.

I am an iced tea snob. I not only enjoy unsweetened iced tea, it has to be fresh brewed. I will ask wherever I go if the tea is fresh brewed. A lot of times the waitresses’ do not even know what I am talking about. What I will NOT have is iced tea that comes from the fountain drink machine. YUCK! Yes, I have tried home brewed iced tea and I will drink it if I have to. After awhile, I find that it starts tasting weird. The only bottled iced tea that I found that I can stomach is the one that has the Fresh Leaf logo.

My favorite iced tea of all time probably has to be McDonald’s. I enjoy their tea for two reasons. One because it is fresh brewed and two because it is a $1.00. I start my day going to the McDonald’s drive through and getting two unsweetened iced teas. For $2.00 a day, I have tea for the morning and one for the early afternoon. I do this everyday all year round unless I am someplace that does not have a McDonald’s. When on vacation, I will look on a map for where the closest McDonald’s is located. I love it that much.

One of the downfalls of loving unsweetened iced tea, however is when you are deceived. This happens a lot when you travel down south. You order a large unsweetened iced tea and take a big gulp and have to force down sugar water. The dreaded sweetened iced tea. Drink of the south. I know, I probably have offended someone but yuck. I just don’t understand it.

What I do understand is a large unsweetened McDonald’s iced tea. I thank God that during this shelter in place, that I can put on a rubber glove, order my tea, wipe down my cup with a wipe and take a big swig of my favorite drink. Yumm….

Longing for What we Can’t Do….

This is the time that we have all been dreaming about. Working from home in our pajamas, sleeping in, organizing our houses, watching television. I mean like watching A LOT of television.

BUT…… it seems as soon as someone tells us we can’t do something is when we all of a sudden feel we need to be doing our normal everyday routine. Get up at 5:30, ugh….. shower, dress, make a lunch, drive to work, talk to my buddy Kim while driving, go to school. At school, the comfort of our normal routine. After school, tired…… Go to appointments, scouts, etc. Come home…. watch a short show. Get ready for bed… read my book. Lights out. REPEAT.

Now, it is more like…. get up at 7, no 8, no 9:30 (my mom always told me I was a good sleeper). Husband and younger son come in and chat with me. I hop on the computer, stay on floor in bedroom, in my sweatshirt and sweats until 4. Do some lessons on-line, send emails, attempt to reach students I have not reached. Watch television, talk a walk, eat some dinner, and go to bed WAY TOO LATE.

I know this too shall pass, or whatever that saying is….. and then we will all look back and wish for this time back. Until then, we will continue to long for what we can’t do…….

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