Cookie in a Cup

The highlight of my day today was a Mike’s hard lemonade and a cookie in a cup. I worked with students on google hangouts, getting a little used to my new normal. My students seemed excited to see me and wanted to do anything but actually work. I encouraged them and told them that this will soon be over. “I hope” , is what played on repeat in my head.

I ate a sandwich and some chips. Reveled in some late afternoon House Hunters. I mean, I can dream I am going to Florida even if I can’t right now, right? Went to Home Depot to get paint. Trying to keep the house renovation moving. Everyone was there, it was like “shelter in place” meant that everyone actually needed to paint every room in their house today. Left without the paint.

Finally, dinner, a Mike’s hard lemonade, and a cookie in a cup. Who knew that a cookie in a cup could be so delicious? It is a simple boxed mix that you pop in the microwave. Yum.

What a great way to end an uneventful new way of life.

8 thoughts on “Cookie in a Cup

  1. ” an uneventful new way of life” I like this phrase. Not much happens every day, or the same things keep happening.It is a new way of life.

    P.S. I looked up cookie in a cup. I am adding that to my social distancing baking repertoire.

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  2. I decided to undertake a pretty big paint job…it´s funny to know that my idea was not unique! It is definitely time for some home projects in and out! I enjoyed hearing how you spent your day. Good to find a few pleasures even in an uneventful day!

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  3. I sent Alex to our local paint store so we can redo the cabinets (per my 28 day challenge) so we are definitely part of the problem! Almost everyone I know is planning to paint. Home prices are going to skyrocket at the end of this! =]

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  4. I feel you on so many levels here. Like you, I also did Google Hangouts with some of my students. And yes, we had work to discuss, but the main thing was – I got to see their faces! I got to interact with them and hear their voices. That was worth it for me.

    No mike’s and a cookie for me, but I did manage one pretty decent martini…

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  5. Oh my, the need to DO things has taken over — doesn’t that explain the jammed hardware store? I was touched that your students were so eager to be with you, over do the assignments. We all need the contact right now and I’m sure it made them feel a sense of normal to hang out with their teacher again.

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