A Walk in the Sunshine

Today the sun came out! It is amazing to me how much someone’s mood and motivation can change when the sun makes an appearance. I took a two mile walk with two of my three kids. I was afraid my high school freshman’s muscles were going to atrophy considering he has not been outside in six days.

It was chilly here in the Midwest but we didn’t care. There were so many people out walking as families. We were careful to stay away from one another if we had to cross paths. As we were coming to the end of our walk, the wind died down a bit and I felt the warmth of the sun’s rays on my face. I took a moment to lay down on the ground and sunbathe my face for a moment. I may not be able to make it to Florida this spring break but I found my own little retreat, even if it was almost 50 degrees cooler here.

When I came back inside, my youngest son, showed me a picture he took of me basking in the sun and it brought a smile to my face. A walk in the sunshine did everyone good today.

3 thoughts on “A Walk in the Sunshine

  1. We have had sun for the last week – our first week of stay at home social distancing. My dog, Lucy, is going to think this is the new normal. After one of our walks, she lay on the warm concrete sidewalk in front of the door stoop. Instead of making her come in, I grabbed a book and joined her.

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  2. I took a nice walk today too. I’m sure that sun’s warmth felt great! My walk was solitary, I did t worry about running into one other person.

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