Longing for What we Can’t Do….

This is the time that we have all been dreaming about. Working from home in our pajamas, sleeping in, organizing our houses, watching television. I mean like watching A LOT of television.

BUT…… it seems as soon as someone tells us we can’t do something is when we all of a sudden feel we need to be doing our normal everyday routine. Get up at 5:30, ugh….. shower, dress, make a lunch, drive to work, talk to my buddy Kim while driving, go to school. At school, the comfort of our normal routine. After school, tired…… Go to appointments, scouts, etc. Come home…. watch a short show. Get ready for bed… read my book. Lights out. REPEAT.

Now, it is more like…. get up at 7, no 8, no 9:30 (my mom always told me I was a good sleeper). Husband and younger son come in and chat with me. I hop on the computer, stay on floor in bedroom, in my sweatshirt and sweats until 4. Do some lessons on-line, send emails, attempt to reach students I have not reached. Watch television, talk a walk, eat some dinner, and go to bed WAY TOO LATE.

I know this too shall pass, or whatever that saying is….. and then we will all look back and wish for this time back. Until then, we will continue to long for what we can’t do…….

3 thoughts on “Longing for What we Can’t Do….

  1. So true. I was just thinking about the same thing. I’m an introvert and prefer to spend my time away from people. But now that I’m being told I can’t go out, that’s all I seem to want to do…

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  2. I miss the normal daily interactions. My coffee shop that starts my day with my friends who work there, chatting with my colleagues before school IN person. It is NOT fun this at home all the time business. I can’t wait for my old normal. Nice post.

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