Kitty Takeover

I have three cats as most people know who have read any of my posts. When teaching, the cats spend their days sleeping and bugging each other. Now that everyone is home, the cats are all over us! I don’t think I have ever taken this many pictures of my cats before.

The day before yesterday, I decided to take all of my kitty photos and start an Instragram account for one of them. I mean, why not, right?? I am actually amazed at the thousands of millions of cat accounts there are out there. That being said, there have to billions of dog accounts. I would have never, ever, ever started an Instagram account of one of my cats had we not had this time. Now, I can share my pictures and I can always look back at them when I want to smile. My youngest son took up an interest and he picked cat number two to make an account for him. It has been a nice little project to distract from all the crazy of the world today.

I guess I am really starting to go a little crazy but at least I am having fun doing it at the same time, lol!

7 thoughts on “Kitty Takeover

  1. I love this. We are all reaching out and making connections in whatever way we can. Have you started following Pluto, he’s a dog, but I suspect his mom was feeling more than a little crazy stuck at home.

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  2. “I guess I am really starting to go a little crazy but at least I am having fun doing it at the same time, lol!” Your final line says it all. I could have started or ended my post today with it. I have never thought of creating an Instagram for my cats – who are very photogenic, btw. Who’s got that kind of time??

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  3. I am currently living with three cats, as my daughter moved in with us during this time and brought her two cats. All three are so much fun together. I. too, am taking pictures of them all day! They all sit by the open window, and they all lie in adorable positions near each other. When it’s meal time they all run downstairs together. I think they’re keeping me saner during this crazy period.

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