McDonald’s Iced Tea

I have an addiction and I am not ashamed to share. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love iced tea. Despite being born in Tennessee, I like unsweetened iced tea. I picked this up from my mom who came from upstate New York. Growing up, that is what my mom drank and I would always sneak a sip here and there. That started my love for unsweetened iced tea.

I am an iced tea snob. I not only enjoy unsweetened iced tea, it has to be fresh brewed. I will ask wherever I go if the tea is fresh brewed. A lot of times the waitresses’ do not even know what I am talking about. What I will NOT have is iced tea that comes from the fountain drink machine. YUCK! Yes, I have tried home brewed iced tea and I will drink it if I have to. After awhile, I find that it starts tasting weird. The only bottled iced tea that I found that I can stomach is the one that has the Fresh Leaf logo.

My favorite iced tea of all time probably has to be McDonald’s. I enjoy their tea for two reasons. One because it is fresh brewed and two because it is a $1.00. I start my day going to the McDonald’s drive through and getting two unsweetened iced teas. For $2.00 a day, I have tea for the morning and one for the early afternoon. I do this everyday all year round unless I am someplace that does not have a McDonald’s. When on vacation, I will look on a map for where the closest McDonald’s is located. I love it that much.

One of the downfalls of loving unsweetened iced tea, however is when you are deceived. This happens a lot when you travel down south. You order a large unsweetened iced tea and take a big gulp and have to force down sugar water. The dreaded sweetened iced tea. Drink of the south. I know, I probably have offended someone but yuck. I just don’t understand it.

What I do understand is a large unsweetened McDonald’s iced tea. I thank God that during this shelter in place, that I can put on a rubber glove, order my tea, wipe down my cup with a wipe and take a big swig of my favorite drink. Yumm….

3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Iced Tea

  1. I understand the being “picky” about your favorite drink. I am the SAME with coffee.
    Love how you put on the rubber glove…my fav coffee shop is closed at the moment. Glad you can get to yours.

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  2. I am a plain tea drinker – no milk, no sugar – so I get that you like you drink the way you like your drink. Although I prefer my tea very hot, At school I often nurse a room temp tea through the day. One of the upsides of staying home right now is hot tea, all day long!

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