McDonald’s Ice Tea and Captain Crunch

All I really need to make me happy is McDonald’s Iced Tea and Captain Crunch. Every morning, including weekends, I get two McDonald’s Iced Teas. Unsweetened, of course. I know I am a traitor to my fellow southerners. (Just an FYI, I was born in Tennessee and lived there for ten years.) Even though I lived in Tennessee, there is no sweet tea for me. One of the things I hate most in life is when I take a big sip of what I assume is unsweet iced tea and then realize that I have taken a big sip of sugar water, affectionally called sweet tea. Yuck!

My second most favorite thing is Captain Crunch cereal. I could eat bowls of this cereal at any time of the day and/or just eat the cereal plain. Others like to only eat breakfast at breakfast time, not me. I really think that Captain Crunch is good for breakfast, a snack, lunch, and dinner. Dont’ judge, it really is good.

If I was stuck somewhere, anywhere, these would be the top two things on my list. In fact, whenever I go anywhere I usually google the nearest McDonalds. No joke. I would never joke about this. And, of course, Captain Crunch. I can find that nearly everywhere. Sometimes, it is just the simple things in life that make me happy.

3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Ice Tea and Captain Crunch

  1. Mmmmm….Cap’n Crunch. It hits all the right notes -for me – the sweet, the crunchy. I don’t even quite know what it’s supposed to be flavored like, and it makes my teeth hurt, and it completely scrapes up my mouth. I don’t care. It’s DELICIOUS. For what it’s worth, it also makes a good substitute in Rice Krispy treats!


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