Yet Another Change….

After spring break, our students are coming back to school full time. We started the year remotely and tried in October to go hybrid but only lasted one week because the positivity rates were too high. In January, students came back hybrid. I think everyone has been doing well so it makes sense that we start to go back to “normal”.

When we switched to hybrid almost everyone in our school had to quickly change rooms. This was to make the rooms more accessible to the teachers who would be travelling on carts to the students. I had to move clear across the school. In a period of two days, I moved as little as I could to the “new” room. I have all of my other stuff in my “old” room. I found out today that I will be moving yet again. They need my room for a larger group of students. Ugh…….more moving. In the next two days, I will be moving my stuff again to the new space. I am hoping that next school year we are allowed to go back to our original rooms. If not, I guess I will continue to roll with it because I guess that is all we can do right now.

Sometimes I wish people that were not in schools could actually see how hard we have worked this year to provide the best and safest education for students. I think that gets lost at times.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Change….

  1. Ugh – moving on top of teaching is exhausting. I agree that the world too busy “The kids are behind!” (including my own parents) instead of recognizing how hard we are working to keep all the plates spinning. Sending you virtual strength.


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