My Dream Job

If I could leave teaching and do anything, I think I would build a house flipping and/or redesign houses. I love watching everything HGTV and even though my husband does not like to admit it….. he does, too. My husband is a pretty handy guy. He has learned a lot of things from his father and if he doesn’t know how to do it he can figure it out. We have had conversations about what we would do if we had a flipping business and how we would handle the work. I do not mind getting my hands dirty with my husband but if we are in a time crunch then I think we would need to hire a contracting team.

I really like the design aspect of the projects. I love looking at a blank slate and designing the set up of a room and then putting the designing touches on things. I am not naive enough to think that doing this is stress free and I realize how time and money are on the line in these types of projects. These things are a big reason why I have never taken the leap and tried to live this type of life. Another reason is because I feel like my life is written. I am an educator and my husband and my brother own their own business. My retirement from education will be in eight years. Maybe after that, my husband and I will consider a new venture. Until then, it is fun to dream and live vicariously through the shows on all of the home improvement channels.

8 thoughts on “My Dream Job

  1. What a fun post retirement adventure that could be for you! We basically flip while living in our home, so it takes a lot longer. We’re already on home 3 and living in a construction zone has paid off each time!


  2. There are days when I dream of what I would do instead of teaching! I always come back to something in sports management. I would love to work as a team’s travel coordinator or something in a front office.


  3. So timely that you wrote this today! My sister was over today and just said, “Seriously, you don’t have one thing on your walls! It looks like you just moved in, but yet it has been 18 years!” I need a designer!


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