Waiting for Sunshine

As I am typing this, I am waiting in Chicago O’Hare Airport to leave for sunny Marco Island. We were supposed to be doing this last year at this time but of course Covie hit the country.

As I look around today at the airport, I see a sea of people with masks. I am wondering if I am passing by any famous people. I would never know. A mask is such a good get-up for them. I see old people, middle aged people, and little people all wearing masks. But, I also see quite a variance in how people are wearing them. Some take them off completely when they sit down in the waiting area, others wear them over their mouth and nose, and some wear them below their noses. One of my favorite type of people to watch are the little guys. The world was so afraid that two year olds would not wear their masks. They would take them off and discard them but everyone has found that they are in fact the champions in the whole mask wearing category. Little people do not know any different. I guess that is why it is easier for them.

I continue to wait for my flight. People watching always continues to be a favorite past time while waiting. I can’t wait for warmer weather for a few days. I am definitely someone that needs and loves sunshine and warm temperatures. The ocean will be good for my soul. I will sit and watch and wait for my time in the sunshine.

Peace out everyone!

6 thoughts on “Waiting for Sunshine

  1. People watching at airports is always a wonderful pastime and now, it seems, it still is – just Covid style! You definitely found a way to kick off your trip with a writer’s eye for the slicing. Now – go have a great trip! We may hit 60s here and there but keep dropping into the 40s so it should be like paradise for you!


  2. Sitting in an airport is perfect people watching time. I people-listen too. I don’t try to. I try to read my book, but I always find myself watching and listening anyway. I’m obviously distracted too easily. I’m taking a fight on Saturday. Now I’m going to notice all the ways people wear their masks–especially the littles.


  3. Sun on skin, sand on toes, salt in air, waves on ears. All of it beautiful and glorious. And…I totally relate to your airport musings. It really is quite the place for people watching, for gathering story and poem seeds. Here’s wishing you a restful break!


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