I am the color Blue

If I had to give myself a color it would be blue. I picked blue, not for the obvious reasons. I am not depressed or sad. I pick blue because it is my favorite color and it makes me happy.

If someone looked at me and saw the color blue it would vary in shade. If I am feeling extremely happy or full of energy it would be a bright blue like ocean when the sun is shining on it. If I am sad, it would be a muted soft blue and if I am angry it would be a dark blue like navy. I feel I encompass all shades of blue.

The reason I chose to write about what color I am is because I am reading a book with a student called, “A Mango-Shaped Space”, by Wendy Mass. It is about a young girl who sees everything as a color. It got me thinking about what color I would see things in the world. I guess in a way, if I think about it, I do see people as colors. The reason I say that is because once I gave it some thought, I can easily attach colors to people.

Is this a weird thing that I can do this or do others see colors in people? It is an interesting question to ponder. If you have a few minutes to spare, you should answer it for yourself.

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