Sinus Drip

Oh….how I love my sinus drip. This morning, on my way to my sister in-law’s house, I realized that I had not eaten yet and the drip got the best of me. I started dry heaving. It actually got so bad that I began looking for a bag in my car. I am sure it was a funny scene for someone driving by but not for me. When I got to her house, I busted in and walked straight to the pantry and grabbed some pretzels. After about 10 pretzel rods, my stomach started settling.

I have had sinus issues forever. I even had sinus surgery but it only worked for a hot minute. I am used to drip, headaches, face aches, sore and sensitive teeth, and sore throats. It is part of my life. Not one of my most favorite parts of my life but it is something that I have acclamated to and “it is what it is”.

Do you want to know what one good thing about my current situation? Today, my sinus drip signals spring. Let me tell you, it has been a long and cold winter. If my sinus drip signals spring, then bring it on.

Even though sinus drip sucks, let me tell you it does. It does usually signal the change of a season and in this case it means I am one day closer to warmer weather and summer.

I’ll take it!

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