Automatic Pilot

How many of you drive home on any given day from work and realize that you do not remember doing it? That is me most days. I have been working at the same school for twenty-five years so it is like muscle memory for me. I get into the car at the end of the day, think about how my day went and maybe replay some of the events in my head, and the next thing I know, I am home.

Is this healthy or safe? I am not entirely sure but I think I will have to do some research. I love learning new things but in this case I am kind of afraid of what I might find out. I know when I am driving, I am safe in terms of watching my speed and being a defensive driver, at least I think so.

It has to be safer than when you are driving and your eyes are rolling back in your head. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to this as well. I am fully capable of keeping my eyes open but it seems like I have to work extra hard some days to keep them open. The kicker of the whole thing though is that when I get home those days, I can not fall asleep even if I want to. So frustrating!

Do any of you have any of these issues at the end of your working day or is it just me and my crazy self?

5 thoughts on “Automatic Pilot

  1. This has definitely happened to me before and I’d say it’s safer than falling asleep at the wheel for sure! I suspect speed limits are for exactly this kind of driving, knowing that if you were driving the speed limit and something were to startle you out of your reverie, you could safely stop. I mean, I hope that’s true… Anyway, drive safe!


  2. Now that you mention it…I know exactly what you mean. When I worked, I’d get in the car, replay my day or think about the next part of my day and before I knew it, I’d be pulling into the driveway wondering how in the hell I got there. Never heard anyone talk about this before. Yes, it can be a little freaky!


  3. I. Do. This. All. The. Time. I feel like I’ve become a really – I don’t know if “distracted” driver is the term – perhaps a preoccupied one? I also have a tough time winding down after a long school day. I just can’t keep my brain from spinning. Lists and “brain dumps” help, but I can’t ever completely shut off my teacher brain. Guessing it goes with our territory…


  4. My office moved from one of our elementary building to the district office. Once day this year, I drove to the elementary building where my old office was. I pulled in the parking lot and parked. Did not get out of the car, but realized, my office was no longer in this building. I was preoccupied and was on auto pilot from last year. My office was in the elementary building for 8 years.


  5. There are so many times I am driving home and I reach the light before my home and wonder, “When did I pass the bridge? When did I pass the hospital?” It worries me but I guess my brain is still focusing on the drive otherwise I have no explanation for not getting into an accident.

    (Kind of) glad I’m not alone??!!


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